AI, Artificial Intelligence, is a technology that, based on data from the past, makes predictions about actions and acts based on them.

In its process of predicting actions and actions, AI combines all available means of machine learning and predictive analysis.

Artificial intelligence is a system of computer algorithms that can understand and perform human-related tasks. In the operation of these computer algorithms, large amounts of large amounts of data are often used.

When using AI technologies in communication with people, AI in its own way translates “computer language” into human and vice versa.

AI and digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a reality and an integral part of every industry, including digital marketing. Thus, AI establishes communication between marketing and sales. By collecting data and analyzing it, it contributes to marketing and sales.

Artificial intelligence in Internet marketing does not offer some magical revolutionary solutions, but it can help with:

  • making better decisions
  • time savings

Artificial Intelligence is a mystified term in the media these days, and it is talked about more as a means of the future, actually only theoretically – something like the first appearance of personal computers. But that is not the case, we are preparing a series of articles on this topic where you will see that the technology is already available and that you can use it in your daily Internet marketing work.