Gaining a large following on Twitter takes time and patience. It is important to be creative, interactive and above all to regularly publish quality content.
In this text, we bring you some tips on how to increase the number of Twitter followers.

Publish quality content regularly

If you regularly publish quality content, you can encourage its sharing and increase your visibility among potentially desired followers. By useful content we mean interesting and useful information that might be of interest to your followers. Of course, the content should be relevant to your business if you want to build a base of followers who will one day become your clients.

Watch the interaction

Don’t forget to interact with other Twitter users. Also forward and reply to tweets. Comment on the posts of other users, relevant content to your business.

Use hash tags

Use relevant and popular hashtags to increase the visibility of your tweets

Promotion of your Twitter account

Promote your twitter account on your websites and other social networks


The content you publish should be creative, of different media, whether it’s text, images or videos. Don’t forget surveys. With different contents you will attract attention.


You should open the content regularly to continuously remind your followers of your presence.

Connecting with relevant users

You should connect with relevant users. In this way, you will expand the reach of your target customers.