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The idea is to gather in one place tools that are useful in the daily work of designing or maintaining websites.The list could be longer, but we intend to expand it over time. If you have suggestions or notice that some of the tools are not working, please leave a comment below the article.

Website loading speed check

The loading speed of web pages directly affects the user’s attitude towards them, and thus the conversion you want to achieve. There are many tools for checking website speed. We highlight a few.

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed is a tool for measuring loading speed and performance. In this free tool, you simply enter the URL of your web pages to analyze their speed.


Pindom is a tool with which you can quickly analyze the items that affect the loading speed of web pages. In this tool, after entering the URL, you should also select the location of the target visitors. The advantage of this tool is a list of factors that affect loading speed and tips on how to improve them. Finally, the loading time of each file of your web pages is displayed.

Spell check - Croatian academic spelling checker or Hašek is a free spelling check service for texts written in Croatian. Hašek is a domesticated form of Hascheck – the Croatian academic spelling checker.

SEO analysis

One of the main tasks of webmasters in SEO optimization is to always look for improvements, which is why we have included a lot of web page analysis tools. The webmaster’s job is not over after creating the web pages, constant updates, analyzes and improvements are needed.

SEO Analyser (Neilpatel)

SEO Analyser is a great, fast website performance report tool. In addition to SEO optimization analysis, it is also possible to compare websites with competitor websites. You also get free recommendations on how to improve SEO optimization and website loading speed.

Google Search Console

If you want to have a tool that monitors the SEO analysis of all your websites in one place, Google Search Console is the ideal choice. You can also manually index your web pages here. This is especially useful if you have made some changes to your web pages and want them to be up-to-date in Google’s database of indexed web pages. Before using the Google Search Console tool, you must go through a verification process where you prove ownership of the web pages, by placing a file in the root of the web pages or adding code to them.

Netpeak Spider and Checker

Netpeak Spider and Checker are tools that analyze web pages in the same way that Internet search engines do. Thus, they recognize errors that search engines might encounter and warn you to correct them. In fact, these are platforms that analyze data from SEO services (Alexa, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Serpstat…). This platform thus provides a lot of SEO services in one package.

Website SEO Score Checker

Team218’s Website SEO Score Checker is a free tool for checking the SEO performance of websites. This tool provides detailed and user-friendly reports that offer key metrics and help in optimizing and improving the SEO performance of websites. The tool is easy to use and enables the identification and resolution of issues on the website. By using this tool, users can improve the SEO performance of their website in a simple and effective manner.

Responsiveness test tools

A good appearance of websites on mobile devices is one of the first factors of SEO optimization.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool that allows you to see how your websites look on mobile devices. This tool comes to us from Google, so it is certainly relevant for evaluating whether websites are well optimized for smaller screens.

Icon and font tools

IcoMoon is a great icon solution. There are ready-made vector icons that you can convert to fonts or SVG format. You can also draw your own icons.

Translation tools

Google Translate

Google translate certainly deserves a winner in this category. We can’t believe you’re not already using it. If you have an alternative, be sure to write us in a comment and we will include it.

Free photos


Pixabay is a great source of free photos for your websites.

Search tools


TinEye is a great image search tool.


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